Monday, January 12, 2009

Assembling the Hardware

Saturday night turned out to be assembly night, and at about 9:30 I got started.

First I unpacked the case and checked it out.  As the reviews on NewEgg stated, the case is very well built, and the rolled edges are a nice plus so you don't slice your hands open.

The hard drive cage is a particularly nice design.  It is completely removable for easy access, and contains five trays, each with nice vibration isolation bushings to mount through.

The power supply has tons of power connections, but of course it is short one SATA power connection for what I needed... I should have gone with an IDE DVD Burner (and I still might) and avoided eating up one of the SATA power and data ports for the DVD drive.

I first mounted the CPU, Heatsink, and memory onto the motherboard, taking advantage of the room on the dining room table (rather than cramped inside the case).

The mother board went in very smoothly.  Antec has labelled the stand-off holes in the case so that it is very easy to figure out where the stand-offs need to go for the size board that you buy.  This one has so much free space left over after it is installed!

I attached all of the connectors for the front panel switches, lights and ports fairly easily... actually, I reversed the cables for the Power and HDD LED's, but those were quick fixes.

Next was the hard drives.  I installed all four into the drive cage, but only chose to have one plugged in when I started the installation, for reasons that I will explain in the next post.  The sound and vibration dampening features of this mounting system should make for a VERY quiet system!

Last but not least I installed the DVD burner and plugged in the fans.  I still haven't installed either of the after-market fans that I bought, because I want to see if the stock fans will be sufficient.

Next up is BIOS Set-up and Home Server installation.  Stay tuned!

Update: Part two, the OS install, is available here.

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